Are You Effectively Training Yourself And Your Agents?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on February 28th, 2009

Hi everyone! It’s been some time since I have written. The good news is I have been busy developing new skills to teach my staff. Any of you who know me know I’m very into training and keeping my staff updated

on their training, etc. Of course, most of the time, I have been teaching others how to do what we do here at Tropical Realty in Melbourne, Florida. Recently, however, I have decided I needed to work a little more on my business than traveling around the country. 

Since the beginning of the year I have been working on how I can take my team of 20 Real Estate Agents to the next level.  One of my goals is to help all my Agents become successful. I’m so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of Agents working for me. Even though some might be struggling and not working as hard as I like, they are all great people. With that said, I also have a business to run and to grow.  I won’t be happy until my Agents are all doing at least 36 transactions per year each or more.  I know they can do it, and I’m learning day by day how to be a better teacher. Up until recently I had always blamed my Agents for not working our system strong enough. But, recently I realized that I have been training all wrong and have to change the way I teach. 

Here are 6 things about training that I’ve learned so far:


  1. The only way you can become better is to commit at least 1 hour per week to training and becoming an expert in just a few skills.  Just 1 hour per week can have a profound benefit to your business.
  2. It’s not about knowing 4,000 things a few times.  It’s about doing 3 or 4 things 4,000 times.  Once you do, you are an expert!
  3. Training has to be mandatory and it has to be interactive.  Agents must be involved in the process, not just told how to do things.  It must be fun, valuable and exciting.  Your Agents are going to need to look forward to training, not dreading it.  If you can get your entire staff energized about training and working together to become successful, will that help your company or your business?
  4. Accountability is almost as important as training.  If you train your Agents and have no way of measuring their progress, then your training might be for not.  For every training program you have, set up a system that holds everyone, even yourself, accountable for their success.  This might start out slow, but as they realize you will be reading and checking everything they do, they will start to perform at a higher level.
  5. Pick 3 things in your business as an Agent or Broker and think about how your business would improve if you excelled at those 3 things.  How many transactions would you add to your total at the end of the year?  In my company we are working on Time Management, Our Lead Conversion Process and Phone Call Follow Up.  I know by become experts in these three aspects of business, my Agents will double their business. 
  6. Train and retrain and retrain until there are no more questions.  Then retrain again.  You can never over train a company.  You have nothing to lose by training, and everything to lose by not training. 

This week we had our first mandatory meeting and it was a complete success.  It was 3 hours on how to use our CRM better to create more home sales.  It was amazing that everyone showed up with no excuses and they all stayed the entire time.  All my Agents learned how powerful our system really is and if they use it as designed, they would only be more successful.  I think once they realized it was really easy to use, they all saw the potential for them to work much smarter.

The one thing I thought I would have to fight with was their schedules.  All our Agents are very busy, but they also know that I won’t lead them down the wrong road.  They have all committed to our training, every week, for the next 52 weeks.  I’m actually amazed, but I know they believe that if we can master just a few things, they will be extremely successful. 

So, the question is, what are you doing to change and build your business? 

Do you have regular training schedules to improve your skills and your Agents skills?  What are your three biggest challenges in growing your business?  What’s holding you back from mastering the skills needed to slay your biggest challenges?  My guess is it is probably yourself.

One final thing before I go back to work.  You must understand the learning curve.  Have you ever had a training session you attended that was awesome? I’m sure you have.  The next day you get back to work and are super productive.  The next day you have a good day and by the 5th day you are back to your old routine.  Does this sound familiar?   Of course it does, we have all been there. 

Here is what happens.  When you train yourself or a group, you or your Agents only retain a small amount of what you have learned.  You also know that what you have learned is very powerful and the adrenaline gained from that training carries you through a couple of days.  Now what would happen if every week, you had the same training on the same subject?  The next week you would carry out a little more of that enthusiasm.  The following week, yes, the third week, you train on the same subject.  Do you think by now you would be getting stronger in that skill?  Of course you would. 

It’s like playing golf.  The first time you golf you are terrible.  You then take a lesson and you learn how to hit the ball straight.  The next time you golf you can’t remember how you hit the ball so well.  If you practiced golf daily, wouldn’t you become better at what you are doing?  You would have to hit 500 balls a day if you wanted to really improve…and many of you have done this. 

What would your business look like if you made the same determination in becoming a master of three producing areas of your business?  What have you been a master of in your life?  What did you do to reach that level?  Business is no different.

Take the time to train…just 1 hour a week to start.  Each week make the commitment to that training and do it for at least a year.  If you devoted 52 weeks (52 hours) to just three things, don’t you think you could become incredible?  I know you could, I plan on it and plan on helping my agents be incredible Agents!  I hope you do, too!


Mitch Ribak, Broker
Tropical Realty of Suntree, Inc
Office: (321) 259-9115



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Real Estate Taxi

Mitch, My favorite part is (#2). That is so true. When you repeat an act enough you become an expert. Look at Tiger Woods.

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