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Posted by: Pat Kitano on November 17th, 2008

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Here’s some quick advice for AgentView real estate agents to manage that new blog you may not know what to do with:

  1. Blog articles are great but they do take time to write. Generally, the first ideas new bloggers have for topics – how-to’s, hyperlocal news – have been done before by other bloggers. It’s hard to differentiate yourself starting up a blog.
  2. So do something different. Think like a journalist; watch out for real-time housing market news and be the first to report it.
  3. Take notes at the tour marketing meetings, subscribe to the feeds of local online news and real estate publications.
  4. Think in sound bites. Whenever you hear something interesting, write a sentence or two in the blog. Be efficient, don’t take more than 3 minutes per idea. Use a cellphone to write it if you’re in a tour meeting or open house.
  5. When you see an interesting article online, cut and paste the article title and create a link to it.
  6. If you write down several ideas per day, you soon accumulate a whole portfolio of ideas and facts that will be displayed on the blog. This content is just as revealing about how you develop business and help clients as blog articles.
  7. You become a go-to source for your market. Prospects will come back again and again to see your new “sound bites”. After all, you’re the only one reporting on a daily basis… this is compelling to a committed home buyer or seller. Analogy – if I’m doing a stock purchase, I’d much rather analyze it in real time on than pick up the current Business Week magazine.
  8. You’ll soon realize you can expand on the sound bites to construct more detailed blog articles. You’ll lose your writer’s block.
  9. Finally, it’s easier to automate the whole process of “reporting” using a variety of micro-blogging and bookmarking applications like Twitter , Friendfeed, Tumblr, Delicious and Diigo. This is another story.

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12 Comments on “AgentView Blog Advice”

Cedar City Real Estate

This is a really good article because it is really hard to stay up on continuing to produce content on a blog. Thank you for the advice.

Mitchell Feldman

Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

Mark Madsen

#9 – I use tweetlater and google reader to share and create conversation around my findings. Sometimes just reporting the most vital or informative info to our audience is all we need to establish the “thought leader” status. It also proves that we’re committed to daily education.

The Portability of Content at Media Transparent

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Kevin Tomlinson

I couldn’t agree more. Spot on.

teresa boardman

I have to say I disagree with much of this. Original content and local photos is what it is all about. There are plenty of places people can go to read the same news over and over. I would rather have people link to my articles, and they do.

Louis Cammarosano

I am leaning towards teresa’s view on this one. I would think that people interested in buying or selling homes would want more information from their realtor than tweets, sound bites and notices of news.

Martin Bouma-Ann Arbor Real Estate Expert

I have to disagree with Teresa and Louis on this; though it is great to have local photos and original content, there is a lot to be said for covering the ever changing market facts, even if everyone else is. Especially in the current market, everyone is looking for the latest news and a great way to put the word out quickly as an expert in your real estate area is through social network places like twitter, facebook, etc. These also allow you a more personal relationship with readers, which is how you build loyalty and thus, references and recommendations.

Listwise-Triangle Real Estate

I have to agree completely. Spot on

Jun Loayza

To be honest, this is one of the best step-by-step instructions on developing a blog that I have read. Short, concise, and to the point. I applaud your post.

People do need to focus on building thought leadership. When a person has a real estate question, then need to think of you. That’s when they’ll go to your blog and you’ll be able to pick up a new client.

Love what I’m reading. Keep it up!

- Jun Loayza

Pat Kitano

Teresa and Louis are quite correct that original content works for blogs. I’m addressing the time commitment it takes to create an online presence. We all know potential clients want updates/breaking news on their focus real estate market. For most agents, it’s easier to deliver these data more consistently in “sound bites” than in full blog posts.

The best bloggers like Teresa will continue to describe the market in much greater detail than a sound bite method. The hope for real estate agents getting started in blogging is to start thinking like a blogger in sound bites, then expand those sound bites into detailed articles.

Deborah Madey

Perhaps one size does not fit all for online and social media marketing. Not everyone can generate consistent, quality, in depth original content. And, there are those who have knowledge and skill, but are simply unwilling to make the commitment. Agents can successfully reach out to clients and customers in a variety of ways, and the key is to for each agent to identify the proper channels for them. It is possible to be successful in marketing, lead generation, and relationship building through social media without even having a blog at all. In depth blogs, snippets of info, or no blog……any can work. Pat makes great suggestions for those who do not fit the bill for frequent original in depth content.

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