A Whole Lot More (Part 2)

Posted by: Jeffrey Bastress on January 28th, 2008

Part 2 – Your Sphere of Influence (Part 1: Back to Basics)

FSBO’s are home Sellers and Buyers and need a mortgage. (FSBO stands for ‘For Sale By Owner’) 70% of all FSBO’s list with a real estate agent that asks for their business.

If nothing else, they may need other assistance if they find a buyer, like escrowing, contracts, mortgage needs. I would walk up and meet in person as many FSBO’s as you can.

It will open doors and if will open our minds to opportunities otherwise missed. Make 2008 the year to personally meet and talk to 6 FSBO’s a week.

After all, they are easy to find, they are selling a home, and they are eager to hear what you have to offer, and if of benefit to them….new business.

What could be easier? I know, I know….doing nothing is much easier.

Your Sphere of Influence is every one you know or have known. It also can grow by introducing yourself to every one you meet during a day. The cashier, the hair stylist, the UPS man, the Teller, every one.

Why not carry your business cards and hand it to…every one.

Better yet, why not make a tri fold card as a mini brochure of your real estate services, and hand it to every one new you meet.

If I told you your immediate sphere of influence had 200 people in it, you may not think so.

But sit and list every one you know and their spouses and workmates, old schoolmates, friends and family members, and their friends and family members you know. Social groups, church groups, business acquaintances, clubs, kids school, PTA, etc.

Do they all know what you do and how they could benefit from knowing? They should!
Your sphere of influence needs to know. How many times has someone in your sphere of influence bought a home or refinanced, and said to you. “I didn’t know you were in the business”!

How simple is that.

I was at the grocery check out when I got a real estate call. The cashier then asked me if I was in real estate and asked for my card, as she was looking to buy. She asked me! What a wake up cal that was.

Back to basics and handing my card to every one I meet will put new business on my table for 2008. How about you?

If they know, they are more apt to ask you. If you ask them for their business, you will get it every time. Your personal sphere of influence is huge. Put it to work for you.

Let me know if any of this is useful, or better yet let me know if you try any of my suggestions and they work for you. I will pass it on to the rest.

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