A Spooky Time for Real Estate Agents

Posted by: Ryan Ward on October 20th, 2011

Fall is here and for many of us, that means less activity in the market – so what can we do to keep the leads and sales flowing? Focusing on what works with all of the noise that bombards our senses on a daily basis becomes more difficult when leads slow down. How we handle ourselves right now plays a role in our business next year as well as the remainder of this one.

The keys to finishing the year strong with momentum to start the new year, in my opinion, are to focus and to get back to basics. Start by setting aside a few minutes early each day to lay out what you need to do and what you need to accomplish. Focus on those items. Setting aside this time each day helps to slow everything down and makes each task more manageable. This will give you the ability to handle your goals easier. Next, and most important, is going back to basics. You know – what is proven to work.

When the market slows, we tend to be reactionary rather than purposeful. This leads us to try new ways to drum up business, but it often wastes are time and leads us down a path that isn’t as successful as some things that we already know work and it takes away the precious time we needed to use on what we know works.

So what is it that we know works? It’s simple really; calling people. When business slows, more than anything else, we need to call people; old leads, new leads and past clients – it’s time to pick up the phone! Now is the time to reconnect with those that we have done business with before and to reach out to the leads that we haven’t yet converted. It is not the time to market passively. When you call your past clients, we often lose focus of the purpose of the call and you can’t afford to do that. Call them and say hello, but start the conversation by saying something like “Hi John, it’s Ryan. I hope you are doing well. Before we get started, I want to let you know that I’m calling about business today. I’d love to chat about your home, but as you know, business slows this time of year and I was wondering if might know of anyone who might need my help buying or selling their home.” This puts the phone call where it needs to be – on your business. Your past clients actually really appreciate these kinds of calls – provided you did a good job for them. You did do a good job for them didn’t you? I promise – it isn’t as scary as it sounds and if you want to stir up some business, there is nobody better than people you have already worked with! Don’t forget that you need to connect with new people too so make the most out of all of your calls.

Call reluctance is a recipe for failure in real estate. Reliance on email alone in a time when business slows will result in lagging sales that we can’t afford. Calling your leads is the best opportunity for more business. Set simple goals that you can achieve. Make it your plan to talk to 10 people live on the phone 5 days a week. It will act as a catalyst for generating new business. It’s the best method to increase your sales and it’s also the hardest thing for many of us to do, but to make the most out of a slowing market nothing beats making a phone call.

We all know it’s slowing down generally, but that doesn’t mean it has to slow down for you. Concentrating on the most important part of your business right now is the best way to make sure you have business in the coming months.



17 Comments on “A Spooky Time for Real Estate Agents”

Admirals Cove Realtors

We are having one of our best years ever here in Florida. A lot of it has to do with “getting back to basics,” picking up the phone and not being afraid to make those calls.

I believe its about attitude as well. When people ask what I do and I tell them I work in Real Estate, I’m often greeted with, “Oh…you poor thing. The market is so terrible.” I typically respond with, “Not at all. I’m not poor. Our company is having its best year in real estate to date.” Our summer which is typically a slow period, has been very busy for us. We’re adding staff, agents, and assistants for agents frequently.

Very timely post Ryan!

Eric Blackwell

Ryan, I could not agree more. The instinct is to look for new tricks, while the secret may be to simply stay in touch with some folks and even bring them a treat or two. ;-)

Rob Thomson @ River Homes

This is the time of year that the market starts to ramp up here in South Florida. Many of our northern clients are coming back and here at Waterfront Properties we keep up with them as much as possible. We make our calls and do our follow-ups. It is good to do something new to see if something works or not. Especially in the down time. You will never know what works or not if you don’t try something new. I agree that call reluctance will only hurt you in the end.

Cal Carter @ Gulf Shores Condos

Nice observation Ryan!

Scott Hack

Excellent and timely advice! I’m pulling my database now to put together a call list. Time to get started!

Lisa Udy

This is the time to really buckle down and get on the phone to keep from having a starving winter in my area. Great tips Ryan, I totally agree. :)

Jolenta Averill

Great advice, Ryan! I always have to give myself a little pep talk before picking up the phone. I hate hitting people up for business but it’s surprising how often they thank *me* for jogging their memory about someone they know and care about who needs a good Realtor. :)

Lou Lynch

“Call reluctance is a recipe for failure in real estate.” Truer words were never spoken. I used to do some consulting for a real estate company where the principle broker would send leads to his agents via email. He would then watch to see if the agent picked up the phone. If the phone wasn’t picked up in 5 minutes, he would get up from his desk and pay the agent a little visit. Good post!

Jon Karlen

Great thoughts, Ryan! While not cutting edge technology-wise, calling does prove to be one of the most effective means of getting deals done in real estate.

Property Dealer in Abu Dhabi

I am a real estate agent and according to my experience, everybody wants a deal, and everybody wants to sell. Typically the marketplace is flooded with inventory.

property investment london

Times keep changing frequently….Nothing as such to worry about.

Property in jaipur

Excellent and good advice!

Ben Fisher

Thanks for the reminder Ryan! Going to be a long winter this year.

real estate broker beverly hills

Everybody wants a deal and everybody wants to sell…..Excellent and good advice!!!!!!!

Daphne Harper

Very insightful post, Ryan! Go back to basics, focus, make calls – how to deal during the “Fall” in our real estate business.

John Mower

Interesting post here, Mr. Ward. Well, it’s better to have less activity than no activity at all, right? Agree with you, calling clients (whether new or old) is still dependable.

Thomas Brewer

The off season is all about marketing and rebuilding year to year. I find that I am just as busy however it is a different busy with blogging, website improvement, calling clients and listing marketing. Excellent perspective and post!

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