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What Today’s Buyer is Looking For

Today’s real estate buyer is a shopper and has in mind exactly what they are looking for in a home, therefore your duty as a seller is to make sure your home is precisely the home of their dreams. Buyers today are interested in simplifying their lives and want a home that reflects this as well. They are looking for clean, stream lined homes, with the basic necessities, nothing that screams that the seller went overboard. They want a home that is an excellent investment and a good value. A good value to a buyer means that they will be firm negotiators and will try to get more bang for their buck. Buyers are known to ask for the moon, and appreciate incentives in which sellers offer such as paying closing costs, crediting a buyer at closing for certain repairs and even a paint allowance. They are not interested in fixer uppers, as most buyers in today’s market just don’t have the money to shell out in making major repairs or tackling huge remodeling projects; they want a house to be move in ready and in superior condition.

Buyers can also be pretty picky. They don’t want to see a home that is cluttered with an explosion of furniture and personal belongings. Homes that are seething with excess stuff make it impossible for a buyer to envision themselves and their belongings within the home. Decluttering, depersonalizing, and detaching yourself from your home makes them see it as the potential of it being their home. Buyers also know the importance of nature and are environmentally conscious, and want to see additional living spaces outside such as patios and decks, outdoor kitchens and living rooms. In addition to this, today’s buyer is a ‘green’ buyer and wants appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, HVAC units and windows that are energy efficient. These buyers are economical, savvy and quite practical.

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Posted by: Tim Ryan on June 30th, 2011 under Buying or Selling a Home


Mortgage Alternatives

There is no better time to purchase real estate than in today’s economy as prices have evened out, and the inventory proves that it is indeed a buyer’s market. There are many options in which to purchase a real estate investment, whether it is cash or through the traditional methods of conventional mortgage financing, but there are some instances in which homebuyers cannot obtain either. Because of the challenges due to the economy there may have been instances where individuals have suffered a bankruptcy, foreclosure, slightly blemished credit, or perhaps one has a sporadic income in which lenders raise questions about. Whatever the case, there are indeed other alternatives to obtaining a mortgage to purchase real estate for those who are ready and willing to do so.

1. One can choose to borrow from a whole life insurance policy. Whole life insurance policies are insurance policies in which the cash value accumulates over a period of time and it is possible to borrow against the cash value of the policy. One of the best features in borrowing against a whole life policy is that there is no loan qualifying process to go through. It is important to keep in mind though that by borrowing against a whole life policy it does diminish the face value of the policy. If this is an option, it is important to ask the insurance carrier of the whole life policy several questions such as: is there an interest rate on this loan, is the amount I withdraw taxable, could my policy lapse because of this withdrawal, can I pay back the loan to bring back up the original face value that the policy once had? Be smart and realistic. Ask if the negatives outweigh the positives when thinking of borrowing against a whole life policy.

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Posted by: Tim Ryan on April 15th, 2011 under Financing, Mortgage and Home Loans, HomeGain

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The Naples Top Best Golf Courses and Beaches

Of course Naples Florida is known as one of the most beautiful resort destinations in the country, but it’s important to discern why so many come year after year to discover the incredible amenities of distinction such as its beaches and superior golfing that make Naples such a special place.

First and foremost, it is the miles of crystal white sands, powder blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and vast shoreline that border the wondrous coast of Southwest Florida that so many visitors come to relish in each and every season. With the warmth of the Florida sun and the radiance it endows, it’s no wonder why Naples is a magnet for all who come to enjoy its splendor. The top best beaches, and those that come to mind, are truly the most fabulous and untouched beaches of Naples and include the beaches of Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Clam Pass Beach Park, North Gulfshore Boulevard Beach and the renowned Vanderbilt Beach. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is a 166-acre tropical oasis with miles of pure white sands, where kayakers, boaters and fisherman frequent and located on a narrow barrier island this pass, a natural outlet for the Cocohatchee River.

In addition to the outdoor activities of fishing, boating and kayaking, Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park offers its guests Gulf-front swimming and picnicking amongst incredible preserves thick with mangroves, sea grapes and palm trees. Clam Pass Beach Park is another favorite laced with 35-acres of mangroves, coastal dunes and beaches, a boardwalk that provides access to and from the beach and offers access to free shuttle service, with beach equipment rentals and food and drink services available. North Gulfshore Boulevard Beach provides a walking path between the condos of Seagate and North Gulfshore Boulevard Beach in a calm and pictorial setting. Vanderbilt Beach is one of the largest and populated beaches in–season in Naples and offers beach equipment rentals including cabanas and water sports, concessions, is in very close proximity to the best restaurants in the North Naples area as well as great shopping and fabulous entertainment options. Over the past couple of years, Collier County has expanded parking on Vanderbilt Beach to include a 3-story parking facility to accommodate its expanding visitor populace.

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Posted by: Tim Ryan on March 22nd, 2011 under Regional

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Become a Great Negotiator

Buying a home is never easy. It takes a lot of time and energy to find the right home. By the time you find ‘the one’ you have likely looked through hundreds of properties online and viewed at least a dozen homes. Unfortunately, all that work was the easy part, now the negotiation. Here are 5 tips to help you get a great deal on purchasing your next home.

Use comps – Ask your agent for a list of comps. It would be best if you are there with them while they are searching. Be sure that the list is recent and relevant. These should really be comparable properties in large part. Once you have this list be sure that your Realtor uses ones that will work to your advantage. This is your best chance to defend your price.

Put forth your best, almost – Your goal is to get a great deal – right? Put forth an offer that is less than market but not by a lot. Don’t give the seller the impression you are goofing off. Extend to your agent that this is you putting your best foot forward. Give the impression to the sellers that if they reject, you are gone. This point is not to avoid looking like a jerk (that does not matter in real estate). The point is to leave a legitimate carrot, which if accepted, still leaves you with a favorable deal.

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Posted by: Tim Ryan on February 14th, 2011 under Guest Bloggers, HomeGain


Buying Naples Condos

The condo market has really been hit hard by the downturn in recent years.  This is especially true of Naples condos.  As the Naples Real Estate market started to unwind there was an onslaught of new foreclosures.  This was very scary to buyers because they were unsure if the HOAs could actually survive the period of non-payments.  This is a reasonable concern; however, generally the associations eventually get their money.

When a condo gets foreclosed on the HOA holds a lien against the property as well.  The new owner, the bank, must make good with the HOA before they can sell to a new owner.  They are legally obligated for only some portion of it (I believe this is 6 months) but usually do not try to litigate the matter.  Instead, the bank gives what is past due.  So, while there were some periods where there was a high rate of delinquency, eventually the HOA gets their funds.

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Posted by: Tim Ryan on February 2nd, 2011 under HomeGain

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