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Green Home Staging: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

‚ÄúReuse, Reduce and Recycle‚ÄĚ is a tune my grammar school son chants all the time. He learned it in school and I have even found myself chanting it at times. And as with anything, once something gets in to your head you find yourself applying it to your everyday

As Earth Day approaches I am excited by how I have applied some of the ‚ÄúGreen‚ÄĚ principles of my son‚Äôs song to my own home staging business in Marin. As home stagers, we try to have environmentally sustainable designs that improve our environment rather than detract from it.


The most obvious is that we reuse our furniture for home staging. And when we need to add to our collection we try to buy locally so we can reduce transportation costs and waste.

When clients are thinking of replacing their upholstered furniture I suggest that they have their furniture recovered rather than just throw it away. Upholsterers can recycle the furniture to look like new, with half the waste as buying new, and half the cost.


Lighting is also an easy way to be eco-friendly. Before any open house Realtors turn on all of the lights in the home. This creates light and a welcome environment. This is also something I do before a party when I want my guests to feel welcome and the energy in the house come alive. But before wasting all of that wattage consider using only compact florescent light bulbs. Switching from a traditional light bulb to a CFL is a simple change everyone can make to reduce up to 20% of our greenhouse gases without skimping on the ambiance.

Another way we reduce waste is to reuse our packing materials over and over again rather than have our moving companies use new materials. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Stephanie Decker on April 19th, 2010 under Green Real Estate, Home Staging

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And Then There Was Staging…

This is my first contribution to HomeGain and thought what a better place to start then at the beginning ‚Äď the importance of home staging and why it is such a hot industry in the real estate market.

home-staging-decorIn 2009 HomeGain released its national survey results for the top Return on Investment (ROI) for home sellers. HomeGain surveyed over 1,000 realtors across the country and found that the number one home improvement ROI was cleaning and de-cluttering. These two are inexpensive and truly the first two necessary steps in preparing any home for sale. The second best ROI was home staging — followed by lighting and landscaping.

The previous survey released by HomeGain was in 2007 and placed home staging behind lighting and landscaping. HomeGain estimated a 585% ROI, with average costs under $5K, and I am not surprised given the importance and success in this growing industry.

Although many have claimed starting the idea of home staging, the industry really was born out of necessity for realtors who were selling run down and cramped houses. Back then there just was not a name for it.

Savvy realtors realized that some homes needed serious help before they could put the home on the market. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Stephanie Decker on February 1st, 2010 under Guest Bloggers, Home Staging


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