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Real Estate Market Update: Why Be a Realtor in San Antonio?

The real estate and job markets throughout America the last few years have taken a beating for the most part. There are very few areas of the country that sustained their real estate values and maintained a strong job market.

Many areas such as in California and Michigan, values in some cases have dropped 30% to 50% or more. People are losing their jobs as businesses scramble to downsize to survive this recession.

One market that is not in as deep of waters is San Antonio, Texas. Not nearly as known as their big brothers Dallas and Houston, this city has recently gotten a lot of media coverage for its job growth, low cost of living and real estate market. People have noticed and are coming in big numbers. Look around this city and you will see development and construction going on everywhere and “Help Wanted” signs on many businesses.

What a difference from what I have seen and read about in most other areas of the country.

Here are some of the highlights of San Antonio: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joe Corwin on July 16th, 2008 under Regional


The Sacramento – Roseville Real Estate Market is Changing

The real estate landscape is changing in the Sacramento and Roseville areas as we speak. Is this a temporary change or a sign of things to come?

Sacramento Real Estate

The prices have drastically reduced in our area for the past two years or more and in some cases, have dropped two thirds in value.

The reasons are obvious with all the adjustable mortgage rates, economy, and in many cases, people did not see a reason to stay in their home when the value had dropped so much. They literally walked away from it with hopes to buy a nicer, bigger home in two years at a great price.

But now, I am seeing a change in the past few weeks with mostly the foreclosure and short sale homes. The investors and the home buyers are now coming off the sidelines and out there making offers on these homes. This can be tough for a home buyer who must compete with an investor who has all cash or a quick close.

I have been in several multiple offer situations in the past two week and my buyers are wondering what is going on. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joe Corwin on February 21st, 2008 under Regional

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