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Tablets Poised To Take Homebuying Process To New Levels

Like virtually everyone else on the planet, I’ve finally succumbed to tablet-mania and become an owner … of an iPad. I coupled it with a totally cool Zagg Folio leather case/keyboard combo. Although it’s an incredibly useful tool in so many ways, I’m particularly excited about how it can totally transform the home buying process.

Picture the following:

Not knowing where to start in the search for a great local Realtor, a potential homebuyer from Fremont, California grabs their iPad during their lunch break and loads the Google app. They type in “find a realtor in Fremont, CA” and, at the top of the list, they see “Find Local Realtors® – Research & Compare Realtors Online.” A tap on the link takes them to’s homepage where they can enter their criteria and then search for a top-notch area Realtor – anonymously. As proposals start to come in from Fremont Realtors, they select a few profiles they like, click through to email the agents and ask for interviews with their top three choices. A quick tap on their Starbucks app allows them to share the address of their favorite location with the Realtors and appointments are quickly set up.

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Posted by: Carl Medford on February 13th, 2012 under Technology


We Are Truly Thankful – The American Dream Revisited

With unemployment, business failures, foreclosures and the like purportedly on the rise, you’d think doom and gloom would be permeating the San Francisco Bay Area.

You’d be wrong.

In the words of President Obama, “Hope is alive!” And with it, the American Dream.

A few years ago, while on a fact-finding mission to Africa, I visited the Kenyan city of Nakuru. The provincial capital of Kenya’s Rift Valley, Nakuru is the location of Lake Nakuru, a part of the Lake Nakuru National Park and the home of the lake’s famous inhabitants. Standing in the city of Nakuru and gazing across the lake, you see a thick band of bright pink: closer examination reveals vast numbers of flamingoes that make the shore of Lake Nakuru their home.

As fascinating as the flamingoes and other wild animals were, I wasn’t there to visit them.  From the vista point, turn 180 degrees, and you see the city garbage dump. Visiting this refuse site, I saw homeless children living in caves around the abandoned waste of their society. Shortly after, I journeyed to Kitgum in war stricken Northern Uganda. Standing in a refugee camp amidst the squalor of countless mud huts, I observed villagers waiting for hours to get their daily ration of water. You could taste the hopelessness and despair that seemed to hang in the air.

Surrounded by such suffering and poverty, I was reminded of the incredible blessings we have access to in these United States of America. Off the unparalleled opportunity surrounding us every day. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on November 22nd, 2010 under Lives of The Realtors


Who Moved The Ends?

Who Moved The Ends?

It’s a popular line when giving directions. “You go to the end of the block and turn left.” And it’s hard to go wrong. After all, the end is…the end. When you get there you know what to do. Because it’s the end.

Except when they move the ends.

It’s like the proverbial “pot-o-gold” at the end of the rainbow. If you’ve ever tried potgoldto find it (and I did as a kid!), then you discover a very disturbing fact. The end of the rainbow keeps moving. The closer you get, the more it moves away. It’s kind of like the current real estate market.

Someone keeps moving the ends.

I just read an interesting post entitled “How do you get back to the basics when the basics have changed?” Great question! And I can totally relate. In our office meeting just yesterday we got into a lively discussion between the techies and the tech-nots. The argument was based around the idea that technology is critical to the markets of the future. The techies were advocating websites, email blitzes, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, internet leads and so on. The tech-nots were out there pounding on doors, holding open houses, networking at local events and advocating face-to-face contact. I sat in the back corner and listened with interest – both sides were advocating their side at the exclusion of the other. Guess what? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on July 8th, 2010 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers, HomeGain


Look Ma … No Net!! (5 Reasons This Is NOT A Good Idea)

Used to be not having a net was a sign of your proficiency. Back in the day before a thousand people got killed an hour in television dramas, people looked to other means to get their “need for a buzz” satiated. Who can forget August 7, Reckless person1974, when high-wire performer Philippe Petit amazed the residents of lower Manhattan by going for a high wire stroll between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Without a net.

It’s different today. Now we watch things like this every day on TV, and, after the person falls to their death, we see close ups of the gore as CSI teams come in and prove it was actually murder, not a gust of wind that caused the latest victim’s demise. The thing that used to make these types of events so thrilling was the fact that the deed was done …

Without a net.

Nowadays, circus unions ensure that nets are in place to protect the safety of the participants. The thrill is gone because the potential of possible demise has been replaced with the theatrics of flawlessly executed maneuvers done with ever increasing degrees of difficulty, outlandish costumes or a combination of both. It’s just not the same.

There is still, however, an arena where participants still perform their death defying acts without a net. It happens every day, and it’s far more common than many realize. The arena is real estate, and the performers are …


A strange thing happened a few days ago. Someone tried to send me a fax. It’s not that I don’t have a fax machine. I have a really nice one, in fact. I just don’t use it anymore. There’s no need to. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on April 7th, 2010 under Online Marketing

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Top Tips for Realtors in 2010

I’ve seen many business plans in my day. Although I’m a great advocate for planning and setting goals, I believe there is something even more important. In fact, I believe that without this critical ingredient, no great game plan or strategic goals will get you where you want to go.

It’s adaptability.

This past year is a great case in point. Our team duly met prior to the year’s beginning to lay down the tracks new-year-2010-tipsfor the coming year’s business. Since we’ve historically focused on home listings, listings were at the heart of our discussions. We fine tuned our listing presentations and geared up to handle all the details that would come from an increase in listings.

Who knew that normal listings would go into the toilet because home sellers were afraid to compete with REOs and Short Sales?

Had we stuck with our game plan, we would have ignored the long queue of home buyers lining up at our door to cash in on record low prices, rock bottom interest rates and the first-time buyer tax credit. Our business would have slammed to a halt.

Bottom line: We quickly switched our focus and game plan. By reacting to the market and adapting, we ended up doing 2 ½ times the total business we’ve ever done in any previous year.

A great example is a football running back. The play is called in the huddle, the ball is snapped and the running back swings into motion. What if the planned hole in the line doesn’t materialize? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on January 3rd, 2010 under Motivation


Top 5 ½ Issues With REO Sales Revealed

I’ve sold a ton of REOs (Real Estate Owned homes – foreclosures) to first-time homebuyers – many of whom I’ve met through Before we start looking at homes, I take time to meet with them and explain the entire process in as much detail as necessary. I hate surprises, and I’ve discovered buyers don’t like them either. I want my clients to fully understand the process so they know what to expect once we hit the streets.

In the process, I’ve discovered a sad truth. No amount of discussion or explanation ahead of time can adequately prepare prospective buyers for the process of trying to buy an REO in the current market.

I recently came across a video that so perfectly sums up the process of buying an REO – I decided I have to share it with you. As I watched it for the first time, I discovered I was unsure how to respond … should I laugh … or cry …

You decide.

For additional musings on REOs, also read:

  1. Top 10 Things I HATE About REOs: AND 3 Startling Consequences
  2. How To Buy An REO – Top 17 Questions Answered
  3. Bank Tactics Causing Repeat Of Crash Conditions in San Francisco Bay Area

Thanks to San Diego Castle Realty and Kris Berg for producing the video!

Watch the video on YouTube


Posted by: Carl Medford on October 26th, 2009 under Buying or Selling a Home, Short Sales and Foreclosures


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