Ask HomeGain – May/June Issue

Q: What are some recommended “best practices” for creating templates in AgentEvaluator?

A: Many of our agents ask this and it’s great to pay attention to what can help you get ahead of the competition! Our top 3 Template Best Practices are as follows:

  1. Create Targeted Templates so Personalization is Easy. You can save time and effort by creating templates for the common client-types and situations that you deal with. For buyers, this may mean having a specific template for 1st time homebuyers, relo’s, military, and general buyers. On the selling side, you could have a template for short-sales, probates, divorces, as well as general sellers. This allows you to target your messaging to each of these groups – which makes customization for each prospect far quicker -– and the prospect receives a personalized proposal that is really dialed in to their needs.
  2. Use “You” language. Everyone’s first tendency is to tout how successful, professional, and reliable they are as an agent but the real pros don’t just say it, they show it! Write proposals that focus on drawing out the client with questions, offering tidbits of information specific to their needs, and providing examples of similar clients and situations that you’ve worked with in the past. You can show that you’re attentive, responsive, and pay attention to detail by talking more about the prospect and their desires instead of talking about yourself.
  3. Include Relevant Examples. If you’re responding to a buyer prospect, it never hurts to run a quick MLS search with their criteria to pull up houses that fit what they’re looking for. You can copy the URL from your IDX search (and even a picture of the listing) and paste them into your proposals. Similarly, when responding to a seller prospect you can reference nearby sales of yours to provide a “close-to-home” example and lend confidence that you’ll be able to sell their home! Taking these extra steps shows that you are paying attention to what they’re asking for, and that you’re the best agent around because you’re already working for them!

With these tips you’ll make a stronger impression, connect with more consumers, and set yourself up for success with AgentEvaluator!


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