Ask HomeGain – November-December 2010 Issue

As featured in the November-December issue of the HomeGain Agent Success Newsletter under “Agent Question of the Month”:

Question: Over the years, I have subscribed to several of your lead generation programs. Recently, I have noticed a decline in quantity and also in quality. Why is this happening?


Other agents have asked the same question. Let us reassure you that HomeGain has not changed the methods used to acquire the consumers which we put in contact with you through our programs.

We have actually made some changes on our web site which makes it even easier for a consumer to find the agent they are looking for. The process has been streamlined to help make the consumer more willing to proceed through HomeGain to reach an agent.

However, consumers are faced with a difficult economy which does not lend itself to spending. It is becoming very clear that, until jobs are created, consumers are being especially careful with their money. They do not see anything on the horizon which would indicate that things will improve quickly.

On top of that, as I am sure you see every day, getting a home loan is much more difficult than it was a few years ago. If the consumer is worried about losing their job, they cannot afford the financial exposure of a mortgage.

To add a further layer, most of the millions of people who have lost their homes over the last few years are not in the market to purchase a home for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, no money and poor credit.

These are some of the reasons why you see a decline in quantity and quality of leads. Some things you can control; others you cannot. You cannot control interest rates or lending requirements. So, what can you do?

You can control your own local marketing. You can control the level of service you offer to consumers. You can make changes in your own business model to accommodate the changing conditions of the market.

Educate yourself. Learn where the business is and find it. Learn about working short sales and foreclosures. Partner with lenders to share marketing costs. Automate as much of your business as possible to give yourself more time to meet with prospects.

It is not easy to change how we operate, but when the world changes around us, we have to remain strong and flex with it or be left behind. HomeGain, of course, will continue to assist you with your online marketing campaigns and try to deliver to you the highest quality and highest volume of leads possible.


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