Invest In Today & Tomorrow With HomeGain’s AgentView

Posted by: Brian Kinkade on December 11th, 2008

Just wanted to drop in to share my thoughts on HomeGain’s AgentView product, a tool I’ve been testing for the past several months.  No better place to share my two cents than with the HomeGain community…

Why I use AgentView for my real estate business:

  1. Making Sure My Team Can “Talk The Talk”. My team’s newer agents get fast and furious experience with Denver real estate home valuations.
  2. Metrics/Statistics Win Business: Sooner or Later! Even if we are not able to provide a value the home owner(s)’ can “stomach”, AgentView statistics have helped us justify our valuations and “value-add” as a group, often leading to the listing later on.
  3. “Personalized” Email Campaigns. Many times we offer to keep a prospective seller updated with the market activity in their neighborhood by setting up email listing alerts.  Incorporation of AgentView in these campaigns help keeps the prospective seller apprised (and hopefully realistic!).
  4. Drip Mail. We’re fine-tuning an offline drip marketing campaign with AgentView integration.  What better than to add another robust tool to keep in front of the potential home sellers.  The key to any successful system in my opinion is consistent follow up.
  5. Progression & Innovation. HomeGain continues to enhance the AgentView package.  While I admittedly need to invest more time keying in listings and posting to my AgentView blog, I believe investing my time into an ever-evolving AgentView suite of tools helps enhance our team’s branding and credibility. 

So that’s the scoop from my point of view.  And before I forget I must complement HomeGain’s Blogging School and the efforts of instructor Joseph Ferrara.  I use this invaluable tutorial as one of my key real estate blogging reference guides.

Thoughts???  For those of you who haven’t had enough much experience AgentView and would like to pick my brain, feel free to contact me.  For those of you who are more acquainted with the product, I’d love to know how/if you’ve integrated it in your own marketing campaign…

Check out Brian’s AgentView Blog.

Read Briank Kinkade’s Blog

To learn more about AgentView click here.



2 Comments on “Invest In Today & Tomorrow With HomeGain’s AgentView”

Joseph Ferrara.sellsius

Thanks for the compliment Brian. I quite enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with the HomeGain agent bloggers. The blog school is a testament to HomeGain’s commitment to helping agents use the tools it provides.

Brian Kinkade

You are very welcome Joseph! I love to learn and greatly appreciate those who share their knowledge. HomeGain is a class act and goes the extra yard.

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