What AgentEvaluator Home Buyers and Sellers Want in Their Proposals

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 23rd, 2008

We have just completed a survey that we sent to 14,000 of our AgentEvaluator home buyers and sellers. We sent the survey to two customer groups: those who bought or sold a home using a HomeGain real estate agent, and those who failed to select one of our agents.

Our goal was to get consumer feedback that our AgentEvaluator agents could use to attract more potential clients by tailoring their proposals to meet the consumers’ expectations.

We are still digging through the data, but the preliminary results are very important so we wanted to pass them along now rather than wait until we’re done.

Survey Results:

  • Nearly 9 out of every 10 customers who bought or sold a home using a HomeGain agent said that receiving a personalized proposal was either very or extremely important in their decision to select their agent. Only 4% said this was not a factor at all in their decision.
  • 4 out of 10 expected to receive their first proposal within 4 hours of their profile.
  • 1 out of every 4 consumers selected their agent within 24 hours, while 8 out of 10 selected their agent within 1 week.

The results are clear—home buyers and home sellers who closed with a HomeGain agent received agent proposals that addressed their specific needs as indicated in their buyer or seller profiles.

They also were clear that, while they expected to start receiving proposals quickly, the majority took as long as one week to select their agent.

Those who did not select a HomeGain agent had expectations that were similar to those who used a HomeGain agent, including the importance of receiving proposal that address the specifics the consumer noted in their profile.

In fact, the most critical factor in their decision to not select a HomeGain agent was the lack of a personalized proposal. Slightly over 7 out of 10 said this impacted their decision.

Since receiving a personalized proposal was critical to both survey groups, we thought it would be helpful to have the consumers tell you themselves what they want.

Here are a few representative quotes from those who did not select a HomeGain agent about the proposals they received.

  • “The only real estate agent I contacted was the ONLY agent that personalized his proposal. All other proposals were completely automated…HomeGain would have been much more likely to gain my business if the agents who provided me with proposals actually read my profile and required home specifications. The agents need to READ the additional information from the client.”
  • “One of the responses I received was actually addressed to the name of my street, not myself, and it was the same response I received approx. 3 years ago when I submitted an inquiry.”
  • “The lack of personalization was, in general, startling.”
  • “Some proposals seemed canned, like a quick response”
  • “Most of the responses were canned and almost read like they had been taken from the same sample.”
  • “I had the strong impression that the majority of agents who responded sent some sort of “canned” reply, not specific to my needs. In some cases the responses were irrelevant. I took the time to explain what I do and what I needed to accomplish but the agent responses were mostly prepared generic messages that they simply hit “send” to reply.”
  • “I received canned proposals that reflected little thought or understanding. I immediately crossed all agents who submitted proposals through your website off my list.”

Consumers want us to know that they overwhelmingly want to receive personalized proposals in a timely manner, but not so fast that they have to sacrifice having their individual concerns addressed.

They also want us to know that they are not inclined to select agents who don’t customize their proposals and who offer them generic responses to their profiles, regardless as to how great the agent may be.



35 Comments on “What AgentEvaluator Home Buyers and Sellers Want in Their Proposals”

Jeffrey Bastress

I feel it is a little unfair to use a comment from a Seller that felt using his name as of great importance and not identifying him by his street name, when in fact we are given impersonal annonymous Sellers, and the only way to personalize it is to mention the only information given us, is their street name from Homegain.
I also must say, that I recieve many many homegain leads and 8 out of 10 are generic and canned as given them by choice from Homegain, as if I suspect is true, as so many have the same canned criteria they are looking for in an agent.
How personalized can we be when 8 out of 10 Buyers all they want is “an honest hard working” agent. Sellers all we know is the street name, town and price range…with some added canned Seller criteria in most cases.
I suggest we would all benefit, including Homegain, if we listen closley to the survey results, and open it up with real names, addresses and real contact info. Imagine giving a Homegain lead excatly what they want, a full CMA report, or actual listings of homes for sale and how to view them. Why not? It is an open source online world right now, and web 2.0 is king….and we cannot even reach out personally and take care of Homegain leads, as they desire and deserve. Homegain is the best lead generation company in the world. We are the best real estate professionals in the world. Homegain does there job well. Our hands are tied with annonymous and very limited information to be the best that we are.
In my opinion, this is where the bottle neck is. Canned buyer and seller requests, that receive canned agent proposals. How Web 1.0 is this?
I suspect what was also a concern from those surveyed and not mentioned, was the shear number of responses they did get, and how overwhelmed they were in sorting through them, and I suspect many were turned off by this, as I certainly would be. I suspect there is no shut off valve for how many agents will respond, other than how many agents claim that zip as the limit. I also suspect that they get no less than 1 or 2 emails a day from Homegain following up….for who knows for how many days or months. Did the survey reveal about how they felt about the shear number of responses and Homegain followup emails? I suspect this would be a huge turn off if they receive more than 3-5 proposals, and more than 1 email a week follow up.
Again, this can all be a huge homerun if Homegain opens up the lead contact information to 3-5 top agents only per lead. I guarantee the closing ratio would increase, as they would get immediate personal and professional help, and they would not be inundated with canned responses from agents and Homegain.
Ask any home buyer or seller if they would prefer 3-5 top agents contacting them personally, or up to 100 canned responses they cannot begin to sort through with any kind of helpful results.
I for one would be happy to rotate as being one of the 3, rather than be canned and lost in the crowd and simply upset potential clients…forever.
Oh well, just my opinion. But if it is a closed and canned system now…how in the world can we personalize it any more than what it is…a canned closed system.
All my best to my friends at Homegain.
Jeffrey Bastress
Startpoint Realty

Debra Wostmann

I have been with Homegain for many years now and always question my buyers or sellers as to why they chose me over other responding agents. Every single answer confirmed that I gave a personalized proposal which made the consumer feel as if they had actually been listened to. I know in this business things can get hectic, but I cannot stress enough the importance of a personal response to the consumer. It can be difficult to personalize if the buyer or seller hasn’t give you much to work with, however, I try to address the location they are interested in or some other interesting fact about my city which seems to have served me well. In Real Estate it is location, location, location — with Homegain it should be personalize, personalize, personalize… Best of luck to you all.

Candace Larson

While this information confirms what I practice HomeGain could improve this service to help us create more personal responses. Most Sellers’ do not realize that we can not see their name such as when we receive a Buyer request. It should be vital that HomeGain release the names of Sellers so we can address our proposals directly to them. Also consumers need to realize that the good Agents are working and not waiting for leads. While I can understand sending leads in a timely manner consumers should recognize that we are not slacking but are prioritizing our current clients. This is the same treatment that they would expect once they have established a working relationship with us.

Margaret Woda

I find it interesting to read both sides here – it never occurred to me to do anything other than create a personalized response to each lead. ‘Seems like a no-brainer to me.

regina ambrose

Regarding sending Sellers our proposal, I think Homegain needs to put the first name of the Seller. I notice that this was complaints regarding your survey.

Peggy Boehm


You make good points about the generic nature of HomeGain leads. There are indeed challenges to responding to those requests with a personalized message that will elicit a response from the consumer, allow you to connect with one another, and start to build rapport with an eventual close as the end goal. In fact, one of our guest bloggers, Mike Farmer, eloquently writes about that very issue in yesterday’s blog post “Why Personalization Works”, so we think we’re “barking up the right tree” in espousing that approach.

Lack of personalization is a problem that’s bigger than HomeGain, and something all busy professionals in the service industries would be well served to take the time to focus on by really listening to our clients’ needs and responding accordingly.

To comment a little further on the survey itself, we asked consumers for their feedback on the number of proposals they received. We surveyed two groups, those that closed a sale with one of our member agents, and those who, unfortunately, for whatever reason went elsewhere. Surprisingly, even to us, only 10% (the group who closed with a HG agent) to 13% (did not use a HG agent) said they felt they received “too many” proposals. On the other hand, a whopping 39% of those who did not use a HG agent said they received “not enough” proposals, which was also a surprise. That number is certainly reflective of their overall satisfaction level with the process to Find a Realtor through HomeGain. Of those consumers who closed with one of our agents, 9% said they received “not enough” proposals.

Furthermore, 81% of the HG agent group of consumers said they received “enough” proposals, while 49% of the non-HG group said the same. It’s clear we have our work cut out for us, but this gives us much better insight into the direction we need to move.

We heard from our consumers that they would like to choose HOW MANY proposals to receive, or to be able to go back and get more proposals if they don’t like the ones they’ve seen. We continue to revisit the issue of how many proposals and the manner in which they are delivered, and will do so until we get it right.

To your point about follow up emails, we also heard they would like HomeGain to reduce the number of follow up emails, some they said “felt spammed”. Point made.

For the most part though, regardless as to whether or not they used a HomeGain agent, the majority of consumers were pleased with the process. Somewhat frequently, they tell us it is the response time and lack of follow up by our agents that cause the consumer to go elsewhere.

Jeffrey Bastress

I appreciate you sharing the information about the survey and how potential leads may indeed be turned off by being inundated with proposals and follow up from Homegain. As you know I do a tremendous business with Homegain clients and I have heard from many that this is how they feel as being ‘spammed’ even though they opted in.
Since we do not know who they are and really little on their ‘hot buttons’ it is very difficult to propose anything but who we are and what we do best. Granted that may come across as ‘canned’…but after all, they have signed up knowing their anonymous, knowing we will not have their address or contact info, and we have 15 seconds at best to capture their attention.
So as the consumers are telling us, we need to break down the communication barrier somehow so we can reach out to every single one of them and relate to them one on one. It is a win, win, win for Homegain, the consumer and us if we can make that happen.
I believe that most real sellers and buyers, as I have tested this on my own site, will be very happy to give us their contact information if they are assured that only 3 top agents will contact them. If not happy with the 3, then they can have another 3 if they still want to do so.
Put it to the test, and see if buyers and sellers want annonymous plethora of proposals, or sharing of full information with top 3 Homegain agents.
Take it step further and start tracking which ones experience higher closing ratios and over all satisfaction. I think you would be pleasantly surprised. After all, buyers and sellers are coming to Homegain for just one thing. Which is to be put in touch with a top agent to help them, as a Homegain agent referal is the best way they have decided to pick their agent to work with.
Has Homegain tested whether consumers would prefer sharing full contact info with 3 top agents verses pushing it out as you are now to the masses?
I would be happy to help put this to the test and work it out so all are happy and Homegain gets paid at the end of the day. After all….that is what this is all about.
All my best to my great friends at Homegain. Keep up the good work.
Jeffrey Bastress

Louis Cammarosano

Thanks for the ideas. We are tossing about a similar idea, that would allow the consumer to select how many proposals they wish to receive.
How would you select the “top” agents to show them-which criteria would you use?

Louis Cammarosano

Candace wrote: “While I can understand sending leads in a timely manner consumers should recognize that we are not slacking but are prioritizing our current clients.”

Ah Candace this statement says a lot-its truthful, no doubt BUT think how that makes your potential prosepct feel.

If you are too busy to deal with them now, will you be available to help them when it matters?

I recently came close to firing a vendor. They told me the reason they did not return my calls was because we only spent X dollars with them.

While this may be truthful justification, they did indeed still want my business.

How did I know this? I told them if they did not return my calls, I would be spending ZERO dollars with them.

It seems to me if you want the business you can’t be too busy to work for it. If you don’t someone else will….

Jeffrey Bastress

To be honest, as Homegain gets paid on closed referrals, I would send the top 3 agents that will best serve Homegains objectives.
I suspect that many times a Homegain agent is selected and later during the process the agent drops the ball, or lack of good communication turns the consumer into a Homegain basher…and hurts us all in the long run.
Why Homegain does not care what agent is finally picked by the consumer is beyond me, as your bottom line is after all dependent on a happy and closed customer.
Some markets may require a rotation. Or how about a billboard of the proposal banners and the Homegain rating of the agents on the banners for the consumers to choose which 3 to send full contact info to.
But at the end of the day, I would try to make sure the 3 were top agents that will most likley make Homegain shine.
If I have a personal referral in another state, I call my Homegain manager and ask her to suggest 3 of the top Homegain agents in the area I need. Why do I do this….because I know Homegain has the names of the very best at their finger tips for me. So why should a consumer expect anything less. In fact, I think they are hoping for just this when they login to Homegain.
Personally, if I called my Homegain manager and she gave me anything other than the best for my personal referrals…I would not call for another.
But I sense your on to this, and working on a plan for us all.
Your friend….
Jeffrey Bastress

Louis Cammarosano

You are certainly right. We should care what agent the consumer picks for two reasons
1. we want the deal to close and
2. we want consumers to feel that got a great agent through us so that they will refer their friends.
Some of the data I am looking at involves how many proposals an agent makes, how often they match and how often those matches result in closings.

The “best” agent perhaps is the one that has the highest match to close rate, not necessarily the most closes.

To use a baseball analogy, something like a blown save ratio might work.

Before instituting anything like that, however, it requires a lot more analysis and discussion with people like you.

Wayne Thoms

I am sure that being prompt and personal is very important. However, I think everyone would be more motivated if Homegain would have some type of follow-up to the reply agents if the client actually chose an agent to work with.

Louis Cammarosano

Thanks for the feedback.
We have that concept under consideration.
Once a consumer has matched we should notify the agents that the match has taken place.
Although it may still make sense to propose lest the match does not work out.

Orin Sherman,MBA

How about placing some canned feedback responses for users? For instance, the users can select one of a few reason for rejection that goes back to the agent so they know why they were rejected. Not everyone will fill those out but it would be valuable information for those agents that do get that feedback.


After reading the comments of most of the possible customers that did not choose a Home Gain agent, I believe the majority of them are correct. However, I do read what customers have to say in their comments and do address many of the seller potentials by address only because the prospect does not include a name. I think it would be helpful, as I am very thorough and would go to the extent of pulling a tax card to get more information on the proposed listing prior to submitting my proposal. Just a thought. :-)

louis cammarosano


Thanks for the comments.

Please keep in mind why the consumers fill out they lead form- They want to compare realtors.

Rushing out a canned proposal actually hurts your chances as the type of consumer who fills out a long lead form is not necessarily looking for the first canned proposal that hits their email box.

Indeed, consumers are telling us they want prompt personalized proposals.(we only printed a handful of the responses)

Also keep in mind that up to 40% of our consumers that fill out the Agent Evaluator lead form go on to list on the MLS. Guess what less than 10% pick a homegain agent-the reason many give for not selecting a homegain agent- they received mostly canned responses.

The way to differentiate yourself is to personalize your proposal.

Robert Moreno

to the swiftest comes the spoils….

HomeGain no doubt is trying to improve the response time and qualiy of proposal provided to the consumer. So set up a system where the first ten agents to respond back to home gain lock up the client. Also allow them a window of 24 hours to put together a proposal to send to that same consumer.

This way the onsumer gets a reasonable amount of proposals. The fastest agents are usually the ones who set up systems. Agents with systems usually are well thought out agents and would most like be a good agent.

Allow these agents time to put together a proposal that can be personalized. I myself do not have time to sit down as soon as I get the elad and put a proposal together. usually I have to run out for an appointment to show or list a home. Having some time back at the office to put the proposal together would allow me to address the eneds of the client. I am afraid I am one of those who send out a canned response many times because I do not have time to put a personalized one together.

I want to hurry and beat the crowd so the system as it is designed now lends itself to sending out canned proposals. with the timer you have showing how long it took you to send out a response, and the millions of agents that send the proposals.

nuff said….

Missy Caulk

Just catching up on my feeds, yep the consumers want a personal comment about SOMETHING they asked about.
I have profiles and then add the personal.


I am very very new to Homegain and already I am getting leads far away from the zips I identified. Any suggestions from you experienced users as to how to increase the market area I work in. Hopefully this improves if not it is a waste of time and money.

Matt Malmgren

Janis, it sounds like you have the “bonus leads” option selected within your personal profile. When you select this option, you elect to receive leads from up to zip codes up to 50 miles outside of your selected zip codes. Many of our AgentEvaluator agents like this feature as it gives them more leads that they can respond to. While some of these buyers and sellers may be to far away, others may be in the next town over and offer a great opportunity to win more business.

If you wish to turn off these extra leads though, just de-select the “bonus leads” option in your control center and you will only get leads in those zip codes you have chosen.

James Martin

I believe the 3 top ‘agents’ option would benefit those 3 agents for a period of time. The question is when will that cycle be over to select the ‘new’ top 3 agents? Homegain is a company set up with more than one streamline of income (closed transactions). I’m quite sure they also collect great revenue from agent members subscriptions.

If there is going to be a limited number of agentsit also has to be for a period of time. Just because you are a top agent this month doesn’t mean you will be next month. There is always a new agent who is just as capable of holding that title and deserves the same opportunity as the agent who has established themselves. Especially if they are paying the same subscription fees.

What we need in this world is another monopoly.

Just my opinion. :~)

Mike Riccio

We can’t personalize the proposals by name because Homegain will not give us the potential client’s last OR first name because they want to keep it anonymous until the potential client picks the agent.

Seems the least you could do is inform the people going onto Homegain that the agents do not know their names so they don’t blame us for not addressing them by name.

Also, I know it’s in your best interest to throw 15 or 20 of us agents “to the wolves” since as long as a seller picks a Homegain agent, YOU (Homegain) win…

But it would be nice if you actually checked the professionalism and effectiveness of the people you accept into Homegain, and base the member roster on the agents who are the best, not just whoever can write a check to join.

Salvatore Giammarresi


I appreciate your feedback and welcome constructive criticism from our customers. I must point out that throwing agents “to the wolves”, as you suggest, is not the underlining philosophy of AgentEvaluator. HomeGain truly wins only when professional agents, like you, win and therefore our goal is to have the best agents on AgentEvaluator proposing and competing for consumers’ business. The more we can get better agents on the system, the better it is for everyone. Consumers are happy, agents get more business and HomeGain delivers on its promise. Consumers like the basic idea of the product (being able to anonymously find and compare realtors) and they are willing to fill out a form to this end. Once they fill out that form you can rest assured that they mean business. But in order to get their business agents need to do their part. No doubt we at HomeGain can do a better job and I can tell you that we are in the process of updating the consumer sign up form so that we can deliver to agents more poignant information. This is just one of many new features and tweaks we will be adding to the product in order to make it more user friendly and more helpful to agents.

Responding to your specific case I can tell you that in average in your area you are not competing with 20 agents but less than half of that number. Also compared to other agents on AgentEvaluator in your area, who have one of the highest number of closed deals and one of the highest total gross commissions earned.

I agree with you that we can do a better job of checking the professionalism and effectiveness of the agents who sign up on AgentEvaluator. I welcome feedback from agents on this blog regarding this issue. We have internally discussed several ways to rate realtors. I hope you would agree with me that this is a tricky thing to do. How do you effectively measure realtors’ performance? I can easily see that if we don’t set this up correctly we might hinder the chances of any new realtor starting in their profession, and have only the senior agents win.

Salvatore Giammarresi, V.P. Product

Danielle Boling

I too agree that it would help to formulate a personalized response if we had the name and street address of the home (on seller leads). I also have been getting a lot of “seller leads” that specify that they prefer a “rental”. That should not be an option in the menu for sellers, as it only confuses both parties. It would also be nice not to have to bid against so many oter agents – a smaller pool would be wonderful.


I agree with everything being said…and I too am very thorough when providing seller/buyer information. If I were a consumer utilizing this system, I would also want a personalized response, however, I think consumers expect a full blown listing presentation, CMA, marketing presentation and commission presentation so they don’t have to “interview” the agents in person. I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically “give it all away” without meeting the client to asses their home and/or their home buying needs. It’s hard to make a first impression stick when you know very little about the consumer who’s asking the question. Some are very detailed which is great, others don’t give a whole lot to respond to. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the amount of leads that I’ve received through Homegain and I’d like to say that most of the time I do respond with personalization within my “canned” response. I do think it’s disappointing though to spend 10 or 15 minutes per lead only to see that they never even read the submitted proposal or only view the summary before their timeframe expires. Most of the clients who have chosen me say that I either responded quickly or I was the only agent who responded at all. I think response time is key but also any additional information that Homegain can provide to help us agents “inform” the consumer is good. One thing that I haven’t quite figured out is…after I send the initial proposal, how can I follow up with the consumer without resending the proposal? I think it would be nice if before the consumer timeframe expires, we as agents could send follow up emails to ensure that did receive our proposal and if they have any questions or if there is anything that needs clarified. The ability to “close” the prospect is essential and a follow up forum with the consumer would be ideal….maybe we can do that now but I don’t know how….

patsy whittington

Please give us more space to personalize the way the sellers are expection.

James Boyer New Jersey

I have tried homegain in the past and know exactly what these buyers and the agents are talking about. The way homegain has done this competition thing in the past is not the best way to make the consumer happy.

I currently generate lots of leads which give some criteria or sometimes no criteria, but in all cases I give them a personalized first responce. Usually within the first hour or two of them sending in their information, but always within 12 hours. People expect it.

Salvo Giammarresi

Thank you for your feedback.
Indeed every agent has their own personal way of proposing and has come up with strategies that work for them. Some “give it all away” as you say, some, like yourself, prefer to make initial contact and then follow up with more information. However this strategy might not work the best with some consumers considering how Agent Evaluator is currently implemented. As an Agent you have one shot, through your proposal, to convince the consumer to select you. I think as an Agent you might want to err on the side of giving more information rather than less. As an Agent, when you write your proposal, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and think “what in this proposal is going to convince me to choose this agent above the others?”
As I said in my earlier post on this topic, we at HomeGain are working on new features that will make it easier for Agents to connect with consumers and vice versa. The main philosophy of Agent Evaluator will not change, since many consumers have told us that they want to be able to anonymously compare agents. In the same time we at HomeGain are committed to provide the Agents all the tools and information they need to put their best foot forward when they propose.
To address your final question, indeed in its current implementation, Agents cannot easily follow up with the consumer. The only way to do so is to re-submit a proposal, which in some cases might backfire if the consumer is getting a lot of proposals already. We are investigating the possibility of providing a “follow up” option without having to resend a proposal and we are also considering having consumers choose the number of proposals they want to receive so that the value of each proposal is not diluted. As always we are trying to find the right balance between the needs of the consumer and the needs of the Agent providing value to both. One last thing I will mention is that we want to get more feedback from Agents and we are working on setting the right forum for that, so that together was can make Agent Evaluator better. Kim, if you are interested I would love for you to participate in such forum and continue to provide valuable feedback.
Salvo Giammarresi, VP of Products

Salvo Giammarresi

I agree that allowing more “personalized” space is going to benefit the Agent and the consumer. We are working on it.

Salvo Giammarresi, VP of Products

Louis Cammarosano

Hi James
Thanks for stopping by. Got any suggestions for us on how to make the product better?
We will be spending a lot of time in the coming months improving the agent and consumer experience on Agent Evalator.
Your thoughts are welcome.

Rodger Hardy

The one thing that sticks out in all this is how we HomeGain agents struggle with the secrecy of this system. I would like to see more openness.

Jann Flatinger

My interest was piqued enough to call HomeGain today and do a little inquiring about the AgentEvaluator program. They successfully explained why they went to a monthly fee for the leads. Also, since I have been involved with HomeGain, it appears many additional enhancements are offered. I’ll be preparing my business plan for next year on my vacation so I think I’ll give them another try! After all, who doesn’t need some or MORE leads in THIS market.

Ray & Nimi Singhal Team

We personalize our responses and by and large have been quite pleased with Home gain leads over the last 6-7 years. However, the number of requests coming in from home sellers has markely declined over the last 12-15 months. Is it due to your advertising budget or is it simply a reflection of market dynamics. I hope Home gain would see fit to increase their adverting dollars.

Sheila Guastamachio

Thank you for your comment Ray & Nimi, and thank you for personalizing your proposals. I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed success on AgentEvaluator®.

In response to your question about lead volume, it’s true that (nationally) we’ve seen a decline over the last 12 – 18 months, and the main cause of that has been the market. Unfortunately, with the decline in the real estate market, there have been fewer buyers and sellers searching for REALTORS® online. We are trying to do everything we can to bring in more leads, and we expect the volume to pick up as the market recovers.

I looked into your area specifically, and there are some zip codes very near to your current coverage area that have a higher volume of leads. I will follow up with you to see if you’d be interested in swapping some of your zip codes so that we can hopefully get you some better lead volume.

Best Regards,

Sheila Guastamachio
AgentEvaluator® Product Manager

Jim Gilbert

I am a longtime Homegain.com agent. I have considerable success with Sellers. I have tried and tried and tried all different sorts of approaches with buyers based on the guidance and coaching and FAQs and have NEVER received actual contact with a buyer.

I would greatly appreciate any (even gross heavily laundered) statistical information homegain.com has as to the relative percentage of buyers who ask for proposals vs those who end up using agents versus sellers. I am not asking for proprietary information. I am trying to figure out if indeed the odds of buyer success are indeed much lower that seller success.

I have other means of generating viable Internet buyer leads, but after many years and many tries Homegain isn’t one.

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