Service Oriented, Not Sales Oriented

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 14th, 2008

Vikas Pawa of Prudential Hills Real Estate in Tucson, Arizona, has only been in real estate for two and a half years, but has already experienced success that some agents never come close to.

We spoke with Vikas to get his take on what’s happening with the market, and how agents might be able to overcome any hurdles they are facing.

Vikas comes from a family of realtors, real estate investors and developers. So, naturally, when he was faced with a career decision, he felt it was a clear choice to get into real estate.

“Anyone just starting off in real estate can expect to work hard, and deal with new and unfamiliar situations on a regular basis. Just because you may have a website, and maybe signed up for a lead service online to help get more business (like HomeGain), doesn’t mean that you can take a back seat and let it happen. It takes work to see results.”

Vikas adds, “Too many buyers ask me how I’ll get paid for my efforts! They don’t realize that we represent them for free.”

“Online shoppers can do a lot of research on their own but they need your assistance when it comes to actually going through the procedure of buying a home,” Vikas continued.

“They need information about financing, comparison prices for neighborhoods and areas, days on the market, things that only a real estate agent with experience and access to resources can get for them. Many of them already have homes or a handful of homes that they’ve picked out and just need someone to hold their hand through the transaction and keep them out of trouble.”

“I’ve found that the most important thing other than being quick is to respond with a personalized proposal. My responses are not sales-oriented, but service-oriented.”

Working with both home buyers and home sellers, 75% of Vikas’ business is SFR resale but he strives to work in as many segments of the market as possible – short sales, new construction, condos, and manufactured homes.”

“The market currently seems a little confused. Prices in some neighborhoods have declined and are seeing more activity whereas others are still overpriced. I think no one is sure what’s going to happen next so they are hesitant to jump in. That’s why it’s good to have a plan in place for how you want to do business – how are you getting your leads, how you are keeping clients, and how you get referrals.”

“I’m making it a priority to establish a steady stream of repeat business, and referrals so I won’t have to prospect or cold call.”

“That’s where HomeGain can and does help. It’s key to get quality leads up-front so you spend your time wisely. I don’t know of any real estate agents that enjoy having to spend all their time looking for business!”

Vikas Pawa was named HomeGain’s 2007 Rookie of the Year within the AgentEvaluator program.

“HomeGain has been a great investment for me and a critical part of my lead generating and prospecting system. It’s much easier than cold calling (of course) and while responding to requests in the AgentEvaluator can take time, if used effectively, it can be a consistent pipeline for new business. Sometimes you get many, many requests in a short period of time, and it can be a great way to gauge how busy things are in the market.”

“I can count on 5 – 7 closed transactions a year from an Agent Evaluator proposal. These are legitimate buyers and sellers.”

Vikas also has been an AIMS subscriber.



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