References Attract Clients

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on May 29th, 2008

This month’s featured real estate agent in our Agent Success Newsletter is Sharon Detrick or RE/MAX Suburban Northwest in Houston, TX.

Here’s the feature story:

In less than five months this year, Sharon has already closed 5 home deals with AgentEvaluator homebuyers compared with two deals in 2007.

Why the difference?

After adding in references to her proposals that she sends to potential clients, she’s been experiencing a higher response and interest level from those consumers in her services.

Although it varies year to year (she’s been a HomeGain AgentEvaluator member since 1999) she’s definitely seen an increase since having added the references.

“I was hesitant to add in references because I didn’t see the value,” stated Sharon. “Obviously nobody is going to put in a negative reference, but apparently consumers really do want to see what others say about you – and know that real live people have had positive experiences with you as their agent.”

Sharon has always personalized her proposals – knowing that sometimes she’s the only one to do so, and that it’s extremely important to consumers, it gives her an advantage.

“My writing reflects the way I speak,” she continued. “For example, in one of my proposals I said that ‘I like to shop with other people’s money’.”

Personality and candor have also played a large part in her success with HomeGain consumers as well as in real estate in general.

“I love to make it fun for consumers, and give them a pleasant experience,” Sharon stated. “I tell jokes and funny stories while we house hunt. I’m also very candid. I tell people straight out that I won’t be insulted if they don’t like a house. I’m not a used car salesman. I work for my clients, not the house.”

Having been with HomeGain for eight of her 11 years in real estate and a Gold Club agent, she likes the exposure to people, and feels that consumers who come through AgentEvaluator are higher quality than some of the other services she’s tried.

“HomeGain consumers are more serious and ready to get started,” Sharon stated. “I especially like the way it puts me in touch with people from out of town.”

“HomeGain is the gravy on my bread and butter. Real estate is a funny industry. It’s either feast or famine. Agents have to do what they can to stay busy and get the right kind of business. HomeGain helps me do that.”

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One Response on “References Attract Clients”

Mark Eckenrode

glad you brought this up because i think most agents undervalue the power or testimonials.

when you talk about the job you’re going to do, you prospects listen with a grain of salt. when some 3rd party speaks on your behalf, it carries more weight.

there’s also the element of proof. “look at all of these people sharon has helped. she can probably help me, too.”

and then on a deeper psychological level, people tend to read themselves into stories. and let’s face it, testimonials are stories. the more complete a testimonial, the more a prospect will read themselves into the story and desire to experience the same ending result.

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