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Week 2 Finalist Metaphors:

  1. HomeGain is the dark chocolate that makes a depressed market feel all better.
  2. HomeGain is the fuel in my gas tank!
  3. HomeGain is the shining star in my Real Estate universe.
  4. HomeGain is “the cream of my crop”.
  5. HomeGain is the butter to my bread!
  6. HomeGain is the special sauce in my Big Mac.
  7. HomeGain is the cure to the ‘common cold’ market.
  8. HomeGain is the 300# gorilla in the room (the one that is smiling).
  9. HomeGain is the Bee that pollinates my garden to help it grow.
  10. HomeGain is the fire in my hearth.
  11. HomeGain is the “dough” in my pizza.
  12. A text announcement from HomeGain is Music to my ears.
  13. HomeGain is  the Adrian to my Rocky Balboa.
  14. HomeGain is a lighthouse to a stormy sea.
  15. HomeGain is the wind beneath my wings!
  16. HomeGain is my sails on a windless day.
  17. HomeGain is the spring in my step.
  18. HomeGain makes lemonade out of lemons.
  19. HomeGain is the wheels on my roller-skates!
  20. HomeGain is the caffeine in my coffee!
  21. HomeGain puts the spark in my day!
  22. HomeGain is the cheese on my pizza.
  23. HomeGain rocks my world!


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