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Our Guest Blogger List Grows

Our next guest blogger comes to us from Denver, Colorado. Please welcome Kristal Kraft of The Berkshire Group.

Kristal has been a real estate broker in Colorado since 1984. She started “blogging” in 2000 when she went on a bike tour around the world, although the term blog was not mainstream then.

She incorporates her passion for blogging into her blog, Denver Dwellings. Her online set up is a nice example of how to effectively stem a blog from the main real estate website.

Kristal’s professional designations include: ABR, e-PRO, CRS, CIPS, GRI, REALTOR® and the Performance Management Network designation.

Stay tuned for Kristal’s blog post next week that opens the debate about whether standards for Realtors should be implemented. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on February 29th, 2008 under Guest Bloggers


National Mortgage Rates Report

I had a complete meltdown on my Twitter feed, yesterday. Bernanke told the House that he was concerned about inflation but more concerned about a recession.

I initially reversed my float recommendation and subsequently changed it back to lock because I thought Wall Street would hate Ben’s remarks; I was wrong. I violated the first principle; don’t fight the Fed.

The Federal Reserve is worried about a recession. I think we can expect the Fed to cut rates next month. The anticipation of that cut gives us a chance to see mortgage rates drift lower.

You should CAUTIOUSLY FLOAT your mortgage rate

If your closing is over 7 days away; I think you’ll have some room to get a mortgage rate that is .125% to .25% lower than it is today. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Brady on February 28th, 2008 under Financing, Mortgage and Home Loans, Guest Bloggers


Building the Pipeline with HomeGain’s BuyerLink

We’ve heard all the arguments about lead generation companies. It’s been debated on blogs, in real estate forums and at office meetings. I recently read a blog comment which likened a certain lead generation company to a drug dealer.

Pretty strong stuff.

I’m the little guy with a little office. Even though I work for a franchise, I can’t personally compete in my area with the big franchises or the public MLS when it comes to driving traffic to my IDX website. If you do a search using the most sought after search terms in my area, all the big franchises are right there on the top of the first page, along with HomeGain and a few other lead aggregators. They can afford to outspend me to get there.

Blogging does keep me competitive with the big guys. As far as long tail searches, my blog is all I need, and I can outmaneuver the best of them on that playing field. But being the competitive person that I am, I wanted anther tool in my arsenal. In 2005 I signed on to HomeGain’s BuyerLink. At that time I had 3 buyer’s agents and needed to keep them fed with a good supply of leads. HomeGain generated about 30% of our team income that first year by driving traffic to our IDX site. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Linda Davis on February 27th, 2008 under BuyerLink & AIMS, Success Stories


Blogging Against Homegain and HomeGain Against Blogging

In the past two weeks since I’ve posted The Case Against Blogging and The Failed Promise of Real Estate 2.0, I’ve learned that I don’t know too much about blogging and that many bloggers don’t know too much about HomeGain.

I’d like to thank the many bloggers who are assisting HomeGain and myself in our education about blogging, including:

  • Our Guest Bloggers: Brian B., Joe F., Mary M., Pat K., Nicole N., Jay T., Kevin B., and Diane C.
  • Comment contributors to the HomeGain Blog: : Todd C, Brian Bl. Sara B., Missy C., Mitch R., Tony V., Anne Marie C., Rebecca L., Ken S., Laurie M., John F., Steve M., John M. Jerry R., Bob M., Rudy B. and Rich J.
  • Sellsius Real Estate Blog: Greg T. and Teresa B.

I look forward to our continued conversations.

Thanks again.

Louis Cammarosano

Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on February 27th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers


5 Ways to Market Yourself as an Expert

You are a professional. You possess specialized knowledge. You may have devoted yourself to extensive education. You may have several decades of experience. But when you introduce yourself or hand out a business card you’re just one of the crowd of that profession.

As in any profession, you get pigeon-holed, often unflatteringly and marketing yourself becomes an uphill battle to overcome a stereotype.

There’s a better way. Elevate yourself to “expert” in your field. It does not matter how small your specialty because as an expert you will automatically stand out from the crowd of other like professionals.

People feel more comfortable dealing with someone who they know is a specialist. They will seek out experts. Just make yourself known as one.

Here are 5 ways to becoming an expert:

1. Contribute articles to your local newspaper.

Newspapers are starved for content. Contact your local newspaper editor or head of the real estate section and offer to write on a specific topic you know best. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on February 26th, 2008 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers


Why Use Social Networks? To Network, Of Course.

Some people don’t get it. Whenever I discuss the value of social networking to real estate agents, they say:

“Well, you’re a lender, it’s different for you.”

Hogwash! Web 2.0 is about networks and networking. It’s about BEING networked and marketing your network to the consumer. There is power in networks, be it electronic or local (of course, electronic is better because it opens up the world as your market).

You MUST, I repeat MUST market your network to cement your value as a service provider to customers.

I’ll give you two examples of the power of my network:

1. One agent called me because she was trying to effect a trade. One buyer wanted a home in Vista, CA; the sellers from Vista want to “see the world”. The sellers are clients of mine. The buyer wants to offer a “trade” for tax purposes. His bait? A home in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. What concern do these sellers have? The obvious one; will we like it there? Their solution? Call Brian. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Brady on February 26th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers

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