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Are You Maximizing Your Leads?

I had a great call with a Realtor the other day about maximizing his leads.

He really wasn’t sure what I was talking about and it made me realize how much I’ve enjoyed helping out so many of you with your Internet programs.

After talking with this guy, along with many of the others I have talked too, I decided I should touch on maximizing your leads.

We use our leads for four purposes:

1. Real Estate Leads – Buyers who are looking to buy a home within the next year or so.

2. Real Estate Leads – Sellers who are looking to sell their home prior to buying their new home. You should have a question on your search page that asks: ”Do you have a home to sell?” This will allow you to capture a substantial amount of sellers in this market needing to sell their homes. In this market about 50% of our leads have a home to see first.

3. Referrals – We have had tons of leads come in that have decided to purchase in areas we do not service. We do our best to refer them to agents in the area they are looking. Also, many of our buyers are coming from outside our area that has homes to sell. We always ask if they would like us to help them find a Realtor in their area to help. This is a great source of very easy income! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mitch Ribak on January 31st, 2008 under Best Practices, Leads

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HomeGain Announces 2007 AgentEvaluator® Top Performers

Congratulations to all our top real estate agents! 2007 turned out to be a successful year for many HomeGain agents, despite the downturned market nationwide.

In 2007 HomeGain’s top five (5) agents earned an average of $198,000 in gross closed commissions from their HomeGain AgentEvaluator®business and an average of 23 closed transactions.

In addition to highlighting the 2007 Top Performers by Region and the 2007 Top Performers by State, HomeGain recognizes agents in each region of the country who had impressive sales with honorable mentions.

We look forward to continued success for all of our member agents during 2008.

Before I announce the Top AgentEvaluator Performers, here are some 2007 HomeGain highlights:


  • In 2007 HomeGain’s top five (5) agents earned an average of $198k in gross closed commissions from their HomeGain AgentEvaluator business and an average of 23 closed transactions.
  • Average successful agent closed 2.5 HG generated transactions in 2007; these transactions generated an average of $609k in sales volume per agent.
  • 619 agents earned in excess of $75k in gross commissions from their HG leads.
  • 299 agents earned in excess of $125k in gross commissions from their HG leads.
  • HomeGain’s average sales price was $244k in 2007.
  • HomeGain’s average home price remained essentially flat year over year in 2007. ($244,006 in 2007 vs. $244,040 in 2006).
  • The average successful HG agent earned over $24,900 in gross closed commissions.


And the 2007 Top AgentEvaluator Performers are… Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peggy Boehm on January 29th, 2008 under AgentEvaluator, HomeGain Market Data


A Whole Lot More (Part 2)

Part 2 – Your Sphere of Influence (Part 1: Back to Basics)

FSBO’s are home Sellers and Buyers and need a mortgage. (FSBO stands for ‘For Sale By Owner’) 70% of all FSBO’s list with a real estate agent that asks for their business.

If nothing else, they may need other assistance if they find a buyer, like escrowing, contracts, mortgage needs. I would walk up and meet in person as many FSBO’s as you can.

It will open doors and if will open our minds to opportunities otherwise missed. Make 2008 the year to personally meet and talk to 6 FSBO’s a week.

After all, they are easy to find, they are selling a home, and they are eager to hear what you have to offer, and if of benefit to them….new business.

What could be easier? I know, I know….doing nothing is much easier.

Your Sphere of Influence is every one you know or have known. It also can grow by introducing yourself to every one you meet during a day. The cashier, the hair stylist, the UPS man, the Teller, every one.

Why not carry your business cards and hand it to…every one.

Better yet, why not Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jeffrey Bastress on January 28th, 2008 under Best Practices

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A Whole Lot More

Part 1 – Back to Basics

2008 has come full circle to taking the time to build personal relationships with our leads, customers, past clients and new contacts we make.

We have had the luxury of the information highway in all our clients hands and all we had to do was wait for them to call us for help.

We still have the information highway, but reaching out and building relationships once again is the key to our success in real estate in 2008.

I strongly urge you to regularly contact all past clients and simply tell them what your doing and you are there for them. Surprisingly as it seems, they will not refer friends and family if you do not ask them to do so.

In fact, in most cases, they will over look us also if we are not asking for their new business and referrals.

Just letting them know you’re still alive and well is good, and letting them know of your new services is better, and letting them know how they or their friends would benefit greatly from one of your services right now or the near future is the very best.

Past clients are by far the very best source of new real estate business. If you are not contacting them on a regular basis, you are missing the Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jeffrey Bastress on January 25th, 2008 under Best Practices

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HomeGain Reviews 2007 Accomplishments; Names Gorilla Mascot

We held our first all hands meeting of the year earlier this week at the Hilton Garden Inn in Emeryville.

Boost Buyer Traffic

We reviewed our 2007 accomplishments that included:

  • Completion of yet another profitable year, achieving greater net income than in 2006
  • Continued to attract an average of more than 4 million unique visitors a month, placing HomeGain in the top 5 most visited real estate web sites, according to ComScore and Hitwise
  • Launch of online ordering for BuyerLink

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on January 23rd, 2008 under HomeGain, Max


Tangled in the Web

I don’t feel like an old-timer, but I’m absolutely ancient in the real estate field.

At the beginning of my 23 year career, we did not have cell phones, fax machines, or personal computers. Remember the MLS books – and the rush to the pay phones to check on your messages when you were out of town?

Well, a lot has changed since then, and luckily, I have adapted with the changes – while many other Realtors® have not.

Realtors who used to sell more houses than me are still doing things the way they used to do them and their business has dropped way off.

What’s the biggest change? Obviously, the Web.

Nowadays that’s where most buyers start their home search – so that’s where you need to spend your time and money.

My sales derived from my website have increased by 50% each of the last 3 years. Last years, I had 47 sales that I can attribute to my website. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Barry Karch on January 21st, 2008 under Online Marketing


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